Pancake Day in Kyiv

This year's Pancake Day is celebrated from the 7th to 13th of March. The residents and guests of Kiev have quite a wide range of places where one can take leave of winter and meet spring in a nice and funny way. You can enjoy traditional dishes such as pancakes, muffins,  dumplings, and other delicious dishes prepared according to old and modern recipes, sing folk ceremonial songs, dance and just have fun.



Bright unforgettable program is being prepared this year by the National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life "Pirogovo". You`ll have a great fun in any weather. If nature is generous with snow everyone will be able to ride in a sleigh and take part in snowball-battles. If it`s cold, you can warm up in a merry dance or with a delicious flavored compote or uzvar with delicious pancakes and dumplings. Fans of active recreation are offered to take part in a variety of competitions: horse riding, tug of war, the power-competition and much more. You can also get acquainted with old traditions. For example, at 13:00 in the "Dnieper River" they will demonstrate the ritual of Kolody, the god of family and love. You will hear folk songs and see the masterpieces of handicraft of the best Ukrainian masters. The most spectacular sight is sure to be the burning of "Kostrubaty", symbolizing winter. The ticket price is 30 UAH. 



Popular "Winter country" in Expocenter of Ukraine also welcomes guests. March 5-6, you will find a large fair with lots of delicious items including pancakes, of course. Adults can learn new cooking chips at the master class of "Master Chef", experience daring rodeo, watch performances of folk groups and spend an interesting photo shoot. And kids will be interested to watch the piggy runs, do aqua-makeup or have fun with the animators. 12 and 13 March it will be even more entertainment and activities. In addition to the above, on the weekends, you can also take part in the bags-battles, tug of war,  a quest to find the largest pancake, pancake- eating contest. Relax after an active competition is offered to you in a special area with hay, and those who are not tired – dancing and singing. Team of horses will ride on the territory, and a real bear`ll hit the circus. Connoisseurs of the real Ukrainian power and strength will be happy to look at the performance of combat theater "ART fight", where the Cossacks demonstrate skills with swords, horse show, and will hold a dedication to the Cossacks. On Saturday, "Lisapetny batalyon», «Kozak system», «DrymbaDaDzyga", "Butt", "Kolodіy" will greet you. On Sunday  - a secret guest and Olya Polyakova. Traditional bonfire and "sacrifice" of straw doll will be one of the highlights in the literal and figurative sense. Entrance fee: 100 UAH.



Another place where you can say goodbye to winter is "Park Kievan Rus' (p. Kopacz Kiev reg.). Here you will be able to travel back in time. Celebrations will begin with greeting of Prince of Kiev to people and hosting varied dishes, with all sorts of pancakes with fillings. And all subsequent action, will deepen you more and more in an atmosphere of ancient Kiev. In the "Park" you will be able to wear Kievan Rus clothes, taste the Slavic liqueurs, shoot with archery, trebuchets and jump on horseback, to ride on a sled or in carriages. Also, there will be fun games and competitions, where everyone can win a gift. Spectacular stunt horse and fire show, bright theatrical program will impress even skeptics. And the largest straw scarecrow in Ukraine will be burnt here. And you can buy a souvenir or guardian in memory of the well-spent weekend. Tickets cost from 50 to 165 UAH.



Ethnographic Complex "Ukrainian Village" marks the winter maintenance in the most traditional way. Entertainment is folk funs and games, singing so-called "vesnianky", demonstration of ancient crafts and fair. You will be able to treat yourselves with dumplings, pancakes, Cossack kulish, hot drinks, and a variety of dishes cooked on the fire. Of course, the obligatory tradition is burning of Baba Marena.

For those who can not or does not want to go outside the city there is a great opportunity to meet the incoming spring at the Postal Square. On March 11-13 mass celebrations take place here. Festival "Masliana na Poshtovіy" promises you the funniest games, the most incredible contests and, of course, the most delicious pancakes. But unlike previous places, in addition to folk songs and traditional dances, there also will be modern entertainment, Mini Luna Park and a great exhibition of the new format UAmade Fest. Free admission.

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