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Erotik massage . Body massage . Relax

Мин. бюджет 700 грн.
  24.03 00:00 - 25.05 23:55   2019-03-24 00:00:44 2022-05-25 23:55:44 Europe/Helsinki Erotik massage . Body massage . Relax from - Kiev, Nazarovskaya street, 9
Have you ever heard of Erotic Body Massage? Perhaps already experienced its beneficial effects on themselves? In our salon, this art form is brought to a whole new level.
Body massage will satisfy your needs not only physical, but also moral. Just the thought that a completely naked girl will caress your body with hers can drive you crazy. Just imagine ... Her buttocks, belly, breasts, slowly sliding on your back ... There is no man who would not like to experience such strong emotions!
A special place in this massage is given to erotic caress and massage lingas. They will help your body to relax, but at the same time, your feelings will worsen several times. You will feel a wave of heat, uncontrollable passion, filling you completely. It will seem to you that the pinnacle of pleasure has already been reached, but this is just the beginning.
The girl will slide on your body, giving him a lot of pleasure. Every millimeter of your skin will feel the warmth of her body and enjoy it. If you want to feel like a real sultan, who knows a lot about pleasures, then Erotic Body Massage in Kiev will be an excellent choice for leisure activities.
Welcome to the Best Erotic Massage Salon `RETRO`
You will enjoy, surprisingly pleasant atmosphere of relaxation and refined relaxation.
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