Kyiv Night Tours

Do you want to admire the beauty of the night in Kiev? We suggest you take a walking tour of Kyiv Night Tour at night Kiev, which will begin at 11 pm and ends at dawn. This interactive night walk in the city's history, which unfolds like an exciting adventure. Throughout the tour, you are waiting for love, interesting contests and games, a little-known place, the elements of the quest, legends, myths, stories and interesting stories about Kiev. For one night you will find a lot of new friends, get the adrenaline pumping and mental strength for the week ahead! Such an interesting, unusual and active tour you've ever seen!



Route "Tales of Podil"

Podil is, perhaps the most picturesque corner of Kiev, it is here preserved the ancient atmosphere of the ancient city, which was able to absorb all the historical stages of the life of our city! This city of artisans and merchants of the principality, this atmosphere of the Magdeburg Law, and unique flavor Contract Fair, the Russian Empire. Of course, Podil is richer than any other area of ​​the city on all sorts of legends, stories, interesting stories and incredible imagination. Night tour of Podil allow a good view of the whole flavor of Podil without the noisy crowds of people and cars pile. Podil will be only ours!



Route: "Hills of Pechersk"

Famous Kiev hills ... depending on the season they are white, emerald-green, then purple-yellow - create a unique image of the city. Picturesque hills of Kiev is not only interesting in themselves, and the magnificent panorama of the capital, and placed on a multitude of extraordinary places: the ancient shrine and majestic monuments. On this tour we will see the night: the Mariinsky Park, the mystical Green Theatre, Askold's Tomb, memorial Andrew, Bykov monument, a monument "Eternal Kiev", a mysterious abandoned powder magazine, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, Museum of the Great Patriotic War, Mother Motherland, and much more!



Route: "Kiev Switzerland"

That's what I saw one of the Kiev students 1850 this area: "In my time, ravines and hills opposite the Anatomical Theatre were not yet, later, planned and built up whole area, known among students called." Switzerland ", with its high and steep green hills and gray-clay ravines, in various directions spotted by winding paths, with scattered groups of dwarf picturesquely dilapidated houses, surrounded by the spreading trees, picturesque was satisfied. "The route of this night tour is just pass on this historic area of ​​Kiev.



Route "Kiev-New York":

Kiev New York, or as they say in the old Kiev, "New building" - called fourth historical part of our city, which emerged after the conventional, over many centuries, the Upper Town, Pechersk and Podil. It is a little known from the tourist point of view, the area along the subway station Lybidska, Ukraine Palace, Olympic. But usually little studied area is interesting!

Kiev New York has hidden a lot of amazing highlights:

• incredible story of love,

• a palace of the 19th century,

• an entire historical street red light district,

• incredible Catholic Church,

• hidden Orthodox Church,

• haunted house and more!


Route mystical

City secrets not unfold in the light of the day - they need to look at night! The group will meet in the late evening, to explore the mystical side of the city!

• Who will be able to find the secret treasure of the founders of Kiev and some of his guard force?

• Why does the Church of the Virgin Akathist Pirogoscha read from evil spirits and witchcraft?

• Cemetery and the witch covens on Bald Mountain!

• What's on Castle Hill, archaeologists have unearthed?

• Where did the nun Florovsky monastery?

• Hangout Satanists Kiev and ghosts.

• Curse of the stove-makers and the conspiracy of evil forces!

• Location on Andrew's descent took black cats?

• Why is Andrew's descent is considered to be a heck of a street?

• Where conducted seances at the beginning of the XX century?

Answers to these questions are waiting for you on this tour!


How would this happen?

We will not reveal all the secrets of the tour, so waiting for you a lot of pleasant surprises.

As for the general, then:

- After registering your e-mail will receive a letter with details of the night tour (that is to take, how to dress, what the rules), and a meeting place;

- The tour lasts all night (from 23.00 to 7.00);

- Firstly, we will introduce all the participants of the night tour (because as you can walk during the night with strangers!) And with the help of games all combine in the team;

- Among the teams and all the great friendly company will be a variety of games, contests, competitions and creative tasks (so that sleep will not give anyone!)

- All night we would walk on foot through the city, see a large number of the highlights of our city;

- The organizers will tell many interesting stories and legends about Kiev, its historical past, its architectural structures and inhabitants;

- At night, we'll make a friendly rest stop for lunch (with a need to take a snack and a thermos of hot tea / coffee)

- And in the morning we all will meet the dawn!

To use all features of needs register And create your interesting events.                


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