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MOOW is service for finding interesting events around you with the help of location (your coordinates and address), as well as finding events in the selected radius. Ranking, adding tags, affiliate system, paid advertising, operation with rating, creation of the event list, ticketing and promotional codes – all these components make service dynamic and effective. Search service offers to post discounts, news, posters, conferences, events and much more!

Event is any “happening” limited in time and having its exact location. It might be: holiday parties, discount, meeting, resonance event, party, friends’ meeting, exhibition, etc.

Creators of the MOOW- service sure that event is the next step in supplying of information. Because of the fact that basic information for each user is often a subjective phenomenon, we decided to focus on the basic parameters of the event such as: time, place and source, which it presents. These options play a big role it the MOOW-system.

Basically the system is focused on the search for events next to the user, who uses a special ranking system, bringing in the top relevant (most current) events for the observer. On the other hand the system helps other people to express themselves - their event - meeting, holiday, party.

In MOOW You can also announce about a discount at the restaurant, invite people to the party and friends to the birthday, ask for help, to warn about the problem, noted something interesting.

This trend is not new and is effectively used in such services as: Forsquare, Swarm, Facebook Events, Google Events, Meetings VKontakte, Eventbite and others. What is special about MOOW?

Other services are not focused on the event as the main information objects. Some of them use them as supplements while the other just for ticket sales.

The main target of MOOW is to collect all useful features for working with events in a single interface to create high-quality information environment for events and promotion. We plan to fight spam and provide relevant information, create tools for the paid advertising and paid online applications to further monetize of the service.

The creators are sure that this service will improve information online environment, get a lot of popularity among the Internet users and help people find the necessary information and events as well as to take active part in them.

The main MOOW interface is an “eventfeed” where each event has its name, description, geolocalization, start time and end time as well as additional parameters: a link to a website, regularity, guest requests, etc.

Everyone can add an event to the website! You can raise the rating of the event for real money, create guest lists and even sell promo codes / tickets / discounts. MOOW is a great tool for the promoters and organizers of the event.

It's not a trouble to log in especially via Google and Facebook. You will get an access to a personal account with payment data and personal information. We also recommend to add your phone number, links to social network services and photos which will help you to be recognized by your friends. Adding friends increases the rating of their events and the BlackList greatly reduces - it helps to operate with interests.

The marks have different categories that can be chosen during creation of the event. There are plenty of them, e.g. Hang Out, Jobs, Shows, Restaurants, Shopping, Education, etc.

MOOW shoes the most interesting and useful information nearby. Create your event, find friends, submit applications, buy tickets and be always up to date with MOOW!

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