Best Barbershops in Kyiv

Barber culture is steadily gaining popularity among men. Sounds like a loud statement? But real men do not go to beauty salons, they go to Barbershop and now it is an axiom. What does this philosophy mean in Ukraine? While in London men are still cut and shaved in the walls, where a few centuries ago, before the mirrors were shaved Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde and Winston Churchill, this culture is only developing in the former Soviet Union, but nevertheless makes it quite confidently.

So where our men can trust their self-care in the hands of professionals, to talk about business and have a dram of whiskey? We have found a few interesting places for you.



Tommy Gun Barbershop

The visit to the barbershop was a common thing for men, they came not only for a haircut or a shave, but to hang out with their friends and to have a glass of whiskey or beer. Since then barbershops did not change much. Moreover , over times, these places have become a comfort zone for men. Fathers took their sons to barbershops to show where real men do haircuts.
There is nothing special in it, just a great haircut, men's conversations and really good music. A boy felt himself like a man, a man felt himself like a gentleman when leaving the barbershop. Actually we want our men get used to that tradition. We believe every client of our barbershop will appriciate our efforts. Se you soon.

Working hours:
Daily from 11:00 to 22:00
Kyiv, blvd. Taras Shevchenko, 4B
(Entrance through the arch, with Pushkinskaya str., 25)
+380 (067) 888 62 82



Frisor barbershop

Frisor barbershop combines an old-fashioned traditions with technologies, cinematic lighting for qualitative geometry of haircuts and classic techniques with the art of statuary of a male haircut, and only this way we can reveal and create a personalized image. 
Our men's hair salon is the first one who ventured to break all the stereotypes, we are a symbiosis of Barbers, sculptors and classics - eager for excellence. Frisor barbershop holds weekly meetings and workshops - both in Kiev and Ukraine, we share secrets and tricks of proper straight razor home shaving and royal shaving rituals. We give practical advises on a beard&mustache grooming and proper hair styling. We want to help real men to be more independent and confident. Frisor Barbershop - men's club where you will not only become better, but also will be equipped with an experience of predecessors. Frisor's main feature is that we are the first barbershop in Ukraine opened by masters.

Working hours:
Daily from 10:00 - 21:00
Str. Saksahanskoho 27
098 120 80 32
Str. Pushskinskaya 9b
096 688 06 97



Aldobarbers Barbershop and School Kiev

Modern man who looks after himself, at least, has a neat appearance. And it starts with a good and most importantly high-quality men's haircut. What is it? Among the variety of types and forms it is characterized by its simplicity and practicality. And what could be simpler than short neck and temples. Classic hairstyle will accentuate your personality and style, and add you confidence. Aldobarbers Barbershop in the center of Kiev with the best professionals (and the only girl-barber in staff!)  welcomes you.

Aldobarbers has a Barber School for those who are looking to learn the profession of barber and learn all the secrets and subtleties of this craft. Best Barbers will share with you valuable experience and knowledge about how to shave properly and cautiously make a cool haircut, and, most importantly, you do not need to look for a model - everything you need is provided by barbershop. There you will be told and actually show how to use all the tools, train correctly use cosmetics and styling products. Our assistance and your efforts and practice, and you will become a certified professional and barber. Start learning and earning now!

Working hours:
Daily from 10:00 to 22:00.
Tarasa Shevchenko lane 3, Kiev, Ukraine

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