What MOOW and with what it eats?

It would seem, than can still surprise the average man in the street of the city the greatest minds in the field of information technology. Not that the last word in the supply and development of various services has been said, but to offer something new to consumers is becoming increasingly difficult. In this direction we have chosen the path of improvement, but have not stinted on innovation, as they rightly say: "The closest thing to an ideal we approach when, you strive to become perfect."

Presented at the service of your court MOOW - a mix of long-adapted and practically essential for urban residents and the new features is absolutely unprecedented for Kiev and Ukraine as a whole offers. So, what is so unusual about MOOW, yes, and that, in principle, is the service?

The project «» - this is the first location-based media in Ukraine. It's not just a website or application-oriented search for events near your geolocation. We have tried to gather in a single interface all the useful features for working with events and their promotion, where each user can view the tape MOOW current events, activities and events, as well as create their own events and promote them on the site in the rankings. Thus you will always be aware of the event, its location and time frame, whether it is a party, exhibition, seasonal sale or service of art school for your child.

MOOW system as simple as possible for users. The only thing you need to find the right event or location - is to select a category, depending on your preference (for example, "sport and fitness", "shopping and buying" or "Restaurant"). Agree, very easy to just open the app on your phone, while, for example, in traffic, and spend of seconds to search for a coffee house or restaurant with takeaway nearby.

We have tried to save you time and allow the system to simplify your task to find all the current and geographically accessible. Now you do not need to open a bunch of sites and applications to learn, for example, where you can go to the afterparty at the moment - MOOW he will offer you the option of early public schools with all necessary information: opening hours, location, pricing, reviews and ratings institutions. also become an indispensable tool in your case you will need to declare their activities, or events. We aim to create high-quality information environment, so we are delighted to become that platform, through which you will be able to tell the residents of the capital of the coming event, enlisting our support. To this end, we encourage users to be active and improve our information space: add friends, share with them interesting offers leisure, put huskies and comment your favorite events. In addition, along with us, you can help fight spam, leaving only the most important, and unnecessary to put in Black List, by doing a search on the service more productive. Do not forget that you also have the ability to send guest applications, buy tickets and find routes to the events. Actually, we have tried to provide users with the necessary functionality, which we normally use - the developers of the project. After all, we are just like you, go to the cafes, clubs, shops and fitness centers, and know that sometimes lack inhabitant metropolis.

By the way, in addition to the focus of the service, we also prepare you for the actual blog and RSS feed, thanks to which you will be aware of the most interesting events in Kiev.

So join our team, get acquainted with the service and become our friends. We are waiting for you in our ranks and we hope for active feedback on the site and in the social. networks. Welcome to the world MOOW (which, incidentally, made in Ukraine)!

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