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Write to us at, send a link to your website or social group. networks and our manager will add the necessary information and will contact you. You can also create your own and add all the information about the company in a profile page:



In the left of profile page are important information about you - it is desirable to complete, as well as pick up the avatar - a picture with your logo that must be beautiful and attractive.
When everything is ready, you can look at your page using the left menu - "My Page", as well as return to the personal account by clicking "Personal data".



Now we need to create events. What events are usually/regular? One of the versions of events - it regularly. They can be every day, several days a week, weekly or monthly. For example if your institution only open from 10 to 18, it is already a regular daily event - and that's it, let's add one!​



Address adds with Goolge Autocomplite. When you enter the date and time set for regular event today time from 10:00 to 18:00, and becoming a regular "Every day." You will see "Date of completion of the event" - this is the date when you want to stop regular events. Your event will now be transferred each day for tomorrow.

The picture is desirable to choose in good quality, as well as being used in the description of the special blocks (More on blocks in a demo event: You can also add a link to your site and indicate the amount of money that it is desirable to have the event that a visitor to pay entry and may have something to buy. If the amount is not specified event is considered to be free!



Add 3-4 events, and your page is ready! You can add parties, promotions, one-time events, discounts, freebies, gifts, and all that is limited in time and it is your event!

See examples of how this has been done for other suppliers of events:

Looking forward to your interesting events on our site! Thank you for using

To use all features of needs register And create your interesting events.                


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