Что делать если скучно? поможет! What to do? What interesting Nearby?

English «What? Where? When?» in Kyiv

Мин. бюджет 200 грн.
  12.03 20:00 - 22:00   2016-03-12 20:00:56 2016-03-12 22:00:56 Europe/Helsinki English «What? Where? When?» in Kyiv from - улица Александра Довженко 3, Киев, город Киев, Украина
«What? Where? When?» is an intellectual game show.

Our version of «What? Where? When?» is a live intellectual challenge for 20-30 teams. All the competing teams are seated at the tables at the venue hall. The host proposes 30 logical puzzles one by one. Every correct solution is awarded with 1 point. After 30 puzzles, four teams with the best scores qualify for the play-off, where they compete for the prize by answering additional 33 questions. All the teams that did not make it to the top four are welcome to stay and enjoy the dramatic play-off round.


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