Oriental fairy tale or Top-5 hookahs in Kiev

Who among us since childhood, I did not hear the magical tales of gin, carpets aircraft, oriental beauty, a thousand and one beautiful tale of Scheherazade? From an early age, a marvelous and mysterious East beckoned us with its colors and secrets. Many of us are now dreaming plunge into a distant and not comprehensible world of the East, and the corner of his eye at least try to look behind the screen of his age-old mysteries and secrets, because as is well known: the east-a delicate matter.

We offer you TOP5 most colorful, aged in this oriental style hookah. In which you will not only find yourself in an elegant traditional setting, but feel far to the east, revealing the ins and outs of the hookah, and of course to enjoy its taste.

"Magic lamp"

Not a big cozy restaurant is located in the city center in the basement, ready at any moment to take you far beyond the borders of Kiev in the warm and sunny countries of the East. Restaurant is on three halls to choose from, two of which you can sit on a thin forged chairs decorated for comfort with plenty of soft pillows and tables decorated with beautiful ornate tablecloths. Further, in the third, the last room visitors a surprise, as the low glass table and the same squat deep enveloping chairs where you can relax for now. A pleasant surprise dastarkhan are a couple who are at the end of the hall, though wishing to relax, dine and shisha reclining on the couch, you need not pay the wake large deposit of 500 grams.

The menu is quite varied, and the prices are nice feast for the eyes. Also characteristic of this hookah is that the food here is a mix of oriental: Azerbaijani kebabs, shurpa Uzbek, Tatar belyashi Georgian chanakhi and dolma. Oriental dishes safely combined with European cuisine, so that the hungry will not remain one. An extensive selection of hookahs and hookah professional will make your vacation on the present unique.
Average bill: 150-200 gr.
Address: Str. Red Army, 47
Str. Saksaganskogo, 70/16

"Chaykhona Bazaar"

This is not just a hookah, but a real incarnation of oriental bazaar, such a generous, colorful, striking for its abundance, paints and friendly atmosphere. Beyond the threshold of this institution, you will forget all the troubles and realize that it is not necessary to travel far, what would feel like on holiday in hot Egypt or Turkey. The interior, as well as a bazaar plays colors and decoration, sofas and cushions in this institution exclusively handmade and rich decoration completely crushes and not annoying visitors.


Also, you can add that this restaurant is extremely suitable to everyone here is very convenient to go around a big company, because in the menu, you will find not only the Arab and European, and even Japanese cuisine. "Chaykhona Bazaar" the ideal place for lovers of oriental sweets. They are prepared by hand and is always fresh and very tasty. Good news for all lovers of singing is that in the institution operates karaoke. After all, what could be nicer than to spend an evening of good company, smoking a hookah a great accompaniment to your favorite songs by your friends.

Average check: 150-200gr.
Address: Kiev, Borshchagovka, street Gnat Yura, 6g
Kiev, Poznyaki Street. Akhmatova, 44
Kiev Pechersk Street. Army Commander Kamenev, 2


Chaykhona "ESHAK"

Amazing and unusual idea of ​​opening such a theme restaurant that combines European chic and hospitality of the East belongs to the actor, showman and TV presenter Sergey Svetlakov and restaurateur Alexander Orlov. Love to the present Uzbek cuisine and was the spark which was born thanks to a unique restaurant. The name of the restaurant "donkey" appeared not just as a symbol of all the hard work and dedication of the staff, which has given up and running this Chaykhona.



The interior surprises us with its wealth and luxury, hookah smoking and eating unconsciously turns into a kind of fairy-tale ceremony. A huge, soft, wonderfully comfortable, beautifully decorated with wooden furniture at much comfort that makes you want to stay in the "ass" at all times, and an abundance of greenery, summer terrace, which is the hottest time refreshed spray water at all makes you forget about the bustle of the city. Feeling almost home environment adds an abundance of these Persian rugs. They were the first to meet us, imposingly sprawled in the parking lot near the restaurant hospitably ready to substitute its soft fur under the wheels of your car.

Average bill: 300-350 grams
Address: Kiev. st. Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya (Krasnoarmeyskaya) 85/87


Not having to cross the threshold of this restaurant, you immediately find yourself in an amazing and do not forget the eastern fairy tale! This is a real institution Laksheri, oriental motifs are expressed in a gorgeous satin furniture, warm colors, tangerine, elegant mirrors and paintings in heavy carved frames. East luxury adjacent to the original findings, all this talent is arranged - a true "fusion". Even the most ordinary lanch- here turns into an unforgettable pastime. Restaurant consists of two thematic halls (East and Gold) for 80 people and a lounge bar, a bar and of course the summer terrace.



Kitchen and menus worthy of the highest praise, and a hookah bar card and pleasing to the eye variety. Periodically runs fashion shows and other events. Visiting "Marokanu" you probably will not stay indifferent.

Average check: 350-400gr.
Address: Kyiv, blvd. Lesya Ukrainka, 24


Flavours of the Maghreb, lancet windows, bronze kettles, tiny porcelain cups, candlesticks in the form of skilled glass fish and lizards, as well as elements of the urban landscape of North Africa, all this awaits you in the restaurant "Marrakesh". The feeling of oriental tale periodically reinforce bright dance shows and male belly dancing. The biggest tea and hookah card in Kiev, and not a big souvenir shop, which you will be able to share a part of the east with their families and those close to you.

The menu here, as well as European and Japanese. But the main highlight of this establishment is a real Moroccan cuisine. Here you can recommend to start the meal one of the Moroccan thick soups, such as soup "Harira" with lamb, fresh tomatoes, fragrant roots and lentils. Also worth trying the national dish, "Tajin" (chicken with olives or sauce, "Haris", lamb with prunes and sesame, telyatinys raisins, rabbit and seafood) and, of course, couscous (meat, poultry or vegetables ). For those who like a sweet in the Moroccan kitchen there is not enough variety of goodies. For example, marinated in orange juice, carrots, dates stuffed with nuts, baklava with walnuts in honey or Hamadzha (figs, apricots, raisins, figs and nuts).

Average check: 300-350gr
Address: Str. Sagaidachnogo 24

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