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Art, Music, Creativity

Art is one of the sources of inspiration and the ability to express one’s feelings with the help of imaginative solutions, the ability to go beyond the ordinary things demonstrating skills and imagination. Familiarizing with art is an integral part of life for people who want to explore all of its valuable spheres. Art is very multi-faceted and constantly developing. It is important to find a hobby and know how to enjoy it not forgetting to take an interest in the news of cultural life of the capital.

MOOW will help you be aware of discovery in architecture, music, design, literature, the latest news in the fine, decorative and applied arts and theater and other cultural news in Kiev. Contemporary art exhibitions, theatrical poster of Kiev, art exhibitions in Kiev, free museum in Kiev, museums in Kiev for children, galleries of Kiev, concerts in Kiev, art projects - the whole spectrum of current events can be found in the section "Art" in our service.

If you are a true fan of different genres of art and are interested in their development, follow upcoming events with MOOW. Just select the category "Art" in the search field and get a list of all the events nearby. Using the advanced search, you can designate the desired parameters and thus get the most accurate offer upon your request. Want to have even more opportunities to use the service MOOW - register!

It is important not only to gain knowledge about the history of all the arts, but also to develop your skills. There are a lot of regularly thematic workshops in the capital for adults and children, where you will be able not only to acquire new knowledge but also to apply them in practice.

On our website “MOOW” you will always find a solution where to go at the weekend and how to spend leisure time with benefit not only for yourself but with your friends, for example, at the theater or with your family and children at the workshop.

There are more and more art spaces in Kiev - places where like-minded people with the same interests gather together, share useful information with each other by attending various events. On our service you will be able to follow the events that are planned in the near future at the art space in Kiev.

Plan your leisure time with the help of our service, save your time and keep up with what's happening nearby. Do not forget to rate and comment on the event, buy tickets online, create and promote your event with MOOW!