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Fast food, coffee to go, delicious ice cream, fast food chain

Fastfood entered our lives and become a daily phenomenon. Thousands of people are running to the work and use the services of cafes along the way not even noticing that. Coffee-to-go allows to save time and turns into some morning ritual.

In many aspects our live became stable and affordable and coffee-to-go is one of those moments. Do not have time to make coffee in the morning? Or maybe you just want to drink flavored drink in the street when autumn or winter weather makes shivered from cold? MOOW will tell you where the most interesting points in the city are situated.

Another popular "trick" of the season is burgers: Kyiv has tasted this food and that’s why this trend is developing by leaps and bounds. These sandwiches can easily replace a meal, be an occasion for a romantic date or a business meeting even if your business partners prefer the same food. This format is a combination of useful and attractive products.

Delivery of burgers in Kiev will please both adults and children so it is quite possible to make the main focus on of a birthday or corporate event. MOOW offers a list of places where you can order from one to two dozen different burgers all of which are useful, tasty and fresh.

Speaking about the fast food we cannot ignore the delicious ice cream which will be a great addition to meeting and cool on a hot day. Various kinds of it- creamy, fruity, pistachio - show how tasty is this sweet dessert and there is no need to hide passion towards ice cream that has begun in childhood and continues to this day.

Fast food today is hardly harmful except that of street vendors selling chebureks and shawarma that is dangerous to try. Fast food cafes offer a great balance of protein and carbohydrates so the food in them usually is low-calorie and low-fat. Do you want to have a snack? Vegetable salad, burger and juice is a great choice. Of course there are also meat and fish dishes, side dishes and soups in such cafes as tastes different of all fan of fast food.

No self-respecting fast food cafe – there are a lot of such ones in Ukrainian capital - will propose spoiled food or something that requires a complex preparation. The main feature of dishes in the fast food - it's affordability and lack of exotics that is appropriate for restaurant. Site offers excursions to popular cafes in the capital so you can find places with a good kitchen, convenient location and price level.

Start changes with food culture - explore the world of fast food and select the best of the best! Become our constant visitor and learn everything new and interesting in the forefront with MOOW.