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The question of where to go with the child is important to all parents. As we know children are restless by their nature so they just need to satisfy curiosity, to fill the days with positive emotions and give a push to the comprehensive development. MOOW will tell you where to spend time with your child and where to go in Kiev so your child’s eyes will shine and his energy will be addressed in the right direction.

So, choose: theater or a sporting event, entertainment or education? will tell you everything about interesting events to every age group, thus parents will easily pick up the place of the event which will be interesting for child and appropriate for parents from the financial point of view.

Where to go with the child in Kiev if you want to tell him one of the legends of your city or just to feed him deliciously having a great time together in addition? See our list, select those items in it that will fit the season and mood, a possible duration of walks or other parameters which are known only to you!

Still do not know where to go with the child in Kiev? Kiev is ready to provide the smallest kids as well as adolescents with different kinds of entertainment and we need only to examine in detail the places to make the route of movement and plan different pauses for snacks or rest. So, playgrounds remarkably fit into the program of the day allowing the kids to run and frolic while mom and dad relax a bit in the shadow of autumn trees or in the summer heat. Children's club, where the child can be left for an hour or so, will allow parents to get the time to communicate with each other – isn’t it a romantic dating in the midst of the usual weekend?

Children's playgrounds and children's playrooms are a great help when you need to combine a family walk with shopping. Thus there are grounds and the room in many of Kiev shopping center where your kids can spend an hour or even more under the supervision of the teacher.

So what Kiev is ready to offer our kids? Activities for children are:
● cultural;
● educational;
● sporting;
● gastronomic.

Well, let's start from the beginning? Cultural activities involves attending theaters and concerts, circus and other performances. Poster Create a new tradition – look through the offers for children in Kyiv before the weekend and choose together where to go this time with the child.

Poster for children includes plays and concerts which are selected by parents according to age and other parameters. So, the poster for children in Kiev will offer performances to Kiev Planetarium or Dolphinarium, a lectures at the Philharmonic or workshops in museums. Children's poster in Kiev allows to plan weekends and weekdays a month in advance and never happen again, but it's worth it!

Educational programs offer numerous children's clubs and museums, for example, has already become a well-known Kiev museum "Eksperimentanium" on Podil: various shows and programs in complex with the main exhibition carried away into the world of physics and chemistry allowing visually evaluate the phenomena of nature,

Sports activities for children in Kiev is ready to offer both outdoors and indoors. For example, children's attractions in the city parks coexist with rope trails and bike paths and bike rental is tuned to an active lifestyle. And it’s a great fun for children to pass a line with dad or chase distance race with his mother.

There are a lot of attractions for children in shopping mall of Kiev: trampolines and ski slopes, climbing walls and rollerdromes that serve for entertainment in a gloomy autumn day while the water parks and ice rinks allow to escape the heat or the cold with a great pleasure. It's time to get more information on the website MOOW and bring your children a wonderful leisure time!.