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The capital is regularly visited by many tourists from Ukraine and all over the world. Kiev is a city with a great history, ancient architecture, picturesque places and eventful life. Everyone can find his place in this city!

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Being a guest of our great city, it's important not to get lost, find a hotel in Kiev and good offers for having a great rest with different variants where you can go and what activities take place in Kiev today. It is very easy to solve this problems using MOOW by building routes, looking for events near you, visiting the best places and having a rest at the most popular establishments in Kiev. Do not waste time searching, spend it usefully!

If you want to learn more about the history and secrets of majestic Kiev, visit a sightseeing tour or other thematic tours in Kiev. You will not only see but also hear the most interesting thing about the main sights of Kiev. You will find the information of how and where to organize it on our website. To plunge into the rich cultural life of the capital you can at the exhibitions, concerts, galleries and museums. Addresses, ticket prices and sales online are instantly available on MOOW.

Fans of active leisure and fun will find places on the service with different kinds of entertainment and games. There are table games in the cozy cafes, intriguing test in quest rooms and even extreme rides. You must believe that we will find the ways to please your preferences.

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We know where located the best places in Kiev for photo shoots, picnic areas, where you can meet, communicate, spend the night under the stars and have a delicious lunch. Leave attempts to deal with the cards, stop to ask again the route from passers-by and bother yourself with searching. Use MOOW!

Even if you visit the capital unexpectedly or have a sudden business trip and you do not have much time to get acquainted with a city map, with the help you can find a place where you can stop and buy tickets without any worry.

MOOW is your personal guide who has all the answers. If you do not know where to start your journey, start it with the registration on MOOW